Meet Jack Pine + Thyme

Hello! We are Jack Pine + Thyme.img_8597

There has been much consideration and debating about this name which we now call ourselves. So first I am going to let you inside our brains to get an inside look about why we are Jack Pine + Thyme.

Jack Pine, or pinus banksiana as Jackson would like you all to know, is most commonly found in Northern Minnesota, where Jackson’s heart will always lie. These trees sprout up and cover land following a fire, and can survive in soil that many other trees cannot. Jack is the most positive and cheerful human I know who can make the most of any situation. He stands tall when I need him most and offers shade and protection to many.

Thyme, is from the evergreen herb family and has a many number of talents. It can be used for medicinal, ornamental, and culinary uses. I am the Thyme.

But overall, the most important meaning of this name to me and my pun star self is that all I need in this world is Jack + time, translating into Jack Pine + Thyme. As long as I have him and time, to create and adventure with, I am rich.

We are a twenty something couple moving from Bemidji, Minnesota to Cannon Falls, Minnesota. Pursuing new careers and adventure is our motive, and being near our family is a gift. We hope you follow us on our journey to a simpler way of life, thanking nature + the Lord for the gift of creativity + imagination to help us do what we do best.

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