The Adventures

Have you ever felt so incredible tied to a place that you almost feel defensive of it? Bemijdi is that place for Jack + I. It is the place where I took the leap to go back to school to become a teacher, where I moved away from everything I knew, and the place where we first moved in together. It has truly been the biggest adventure thus far in our life. This big adventure was also filled with a million little amazing adventures that I hope everyone gets to experience. img_9996

I hear people say, “why Bemidji?” an my mind and mouth immediately respond with “why the heck not?!” Bemidji is a place that has offered up an incredible sense of community to us as well as some of the most amazing outdoor experiences that we have ever had.

img_9710We have some Bemidji favorites that you must add to your bucket list:

  • Bad Medicine Lake – look it up it is incredible with some of the bluest water in the state.
  • The Lost Forty
  • Brigid’s Pub for any sort of live music. ( get the Irish eggrolls )
  • Raphael’s Bakery
  • Bemidji State Park
  • Canoeing on the Mississippi
  • sailing on Lake Bemidji
  • Spearing on Lake Bemidji
  • Paul Bunyan Playhouse
  • Bemidji Brewing
  • KD Floral (obviously)
  • Buena Vista
  • Christmas Lighting Ceremony
  • Yellow Umbrella
  • 218 Home + Gift

This list could go on for days but these are a few of our favorite things.

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