When work becomes play.

Just the other night my place of work, KD Floral, had a going away party for me. Since then I have been reflecting on the last eight months working with them, and it is unlike any opportunity I have had. My creative self has been set free at this place in a way I didn’t think was possible. To have your vision be totally and completely trusted is an incredible feeling that isn’t always felt in the work setting. img_0768

I have been able to be a part of so many incredible creative shoots and projects, many which haven’t even been released yet, but the opportunities to grow in my photography and creativity have never stopped.

The humans that inhabit that shop are some of the most creative and kind souls I have ever met. Where being yourself is the only way to be. These people have touched me in a way that they may never understand, but they gave Bemidji a whole new meaning as my ‘home’.

Learning about flowers and plants and how to best respect them and care for them was just one amazing part of this work, but getting to show off the amazing talent that these people have through my photography and the projects we have done has definitely been the most rewarding. They have no idea how talented they are and how they are truly artists in the truest form.img_8999


This little flower shop doesn’t feel so little to me.

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