Breakfast Bowls

I am a quinoa lover, and Jack loves breakfast. So I am always thinking of new ways to create a power packed breakfast that will jump start an otherwise sometimes slow me, in the morning. This week, we are trying not to buy groceries since we are moving on Saturday and use up all of the things that we have in our cupboard and fridge. It has forced us to get really creative which has been rather fun!

Today is my day off so I had more time than usual to get creative with breakfast (that normally comes at dinner time) so I dug through the cupboard and found some quinoa! [ insert jump for joy ] I love breakfast bowls, hearty but flavorful. img_0130

But before we get to the breakfast making, the coffee making has to happen first. Jack is a french press lover of sorts, and loves fresh ground beans. So some days my wake up call is the sound of the bean grinder. The fresh ground beans are so aromatic I wish I could bottle it up in candle form.


Coffee, like many other humans is how we start our day. The process of making it, and pouring it, is just as spiritual and magical to me as is drinking it. There is something about that coffee time remaining the same, with my favorite mug and the peacefulness always being there, never changing in this always changing life that is so important to me.

Since it is our no grocery buying week, they were very simple and there was not as much flavor and color as I usually like to see, but here’s what we ended up with.



  • quinoa
  • eggs
  • spinach
  • feta
  • your favorite seasoning
  • hot sauce – Jack’s choice
  • Balsamic Vinegar – my choice

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