Creative Collaborations

Her name is Kelly. She drives my creative side to a whole new place I never could have imagined. She is the woman that taught me everything I know about pushing your creative photographer self and together we have been at some of those limits. When we get together, we usually have more ideas than one lifetime could sustain, but it is what keeps me going. A bonus of moving to southern Minnesota, Cannon Falls specifically is that my dear friend Kelly is here too. This is the reason this super fun spur of the moment shoot happened today. She is the author of the blog, Forever Golden Living and the photographer behind Kelly Jo Photo. Talented beyond words I am lucky to be so close in proximity and heart to her.

Today we were able to “play” a bit together shooting some shots of the goodies that Charlotte Russe sent me. I secretly can’t wait for the holidays to be over so that this “play time” can happen wayyyy more often. Thankful for her and creative friends who can read this crazy and wild mind of mine.

[ Top, jeans, knee boots, clutch, choker, and white winter hat, all from Charlotte Russe ]

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