Green Juice

Sometimes getting my greens is easier said than done. But we just can’t seem to keep the little cold bugs away around our house, even with all the vitamins and ACV we consume. So I went for the green juice. I do not have a juicer, so I just used my regular blender.


romaine hearts
green apple
coconut water

Because I don’t have a juicer, I chose to add coconut water because it is jam packed with Vitamin C (we need all we can get).

  1. Pour your coconut water or liquid of choice into your blender.
  2. Chop green all of the ingredients.
  3. Put a handful of each in your blender, adding more of whatever you like the most. I put the ENTIRE lemon in. I find it gives the best flavor and nutrients.
  4. Grate some ginger in, I don’t do as much as I should because the flavor is very powerful to me.
  5. Begin to blend, adding more liquid as necessary.
  6. Pour into mason jars to store and repeat steps to make as many batches or use as much of your produce as you wish!

This mixture, because I uses coconut water and lemon, should stay preserved for one week.

img_8692Drink up!


Tips + Suggestions

  • I find the more kale you add, the more smoothie like the consistency gets rather than juice like.
  • Adding the whole lemon adds so much more flavor, but you definitely don’t have to.
  • I suggest two lemons per batch, especially if they are small. I love the taste of the batch that I used two much more than the first with just one.

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