Strength in Words

As I sit here and write today, the birds have joined me, singing their little hearts out. I sit here staring at the stack of work before me that continually taunts me. But I decided that today I am going to start my day a bit differently. Some days you just need a little burst of encouragement from more than your daily devotional.

Today’s cheerleader is Holl + Lane. An incredible, female driven piece of print that makes me jump for joy. This is a magazine where women are real and you can truly find yourself within the pages. It contains talks of struggles and doubts, to love and good food.

This gives me hope for the day when I’m teaching a class and the pages of print that I have to offer my young women are no longer filled with fake lives and photoshopped faces. This trend in print is both empowering to women and creating a space for women like me, who want to write about something more than our OOTD or the beauty products that we use. Because we know our voice (or words on a computer screen) could be the one to make a difference, and even if it doesn’t, we’ll never give up.


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