April Challenge

Since November, each month I have chosen something to add or take away from my daily life. The first month I did “no buying clothes,” then shoes, then yoga, finally a social media cleanse. I did all this in hopes of creating a habit in those 30 days that would stick. What I found was that all of these challenges I was finding online didn’t work for me. Some days the challenge would call for something that simply could not fit into my day. I felt like for April, I needed to create my own.

What I have done is create a checklist. A checklist where each day of the month you can pick a challenge off the list, do it, and check it off. This will allow you to choose a challenge that will somewhat fit into your day, and hopefully allow you and me to both be successful.

Save the image below to your phone or print it out and check them off!


Below are some links to help you through the list:

New Workout
Flowers + Plants ( if you are near Bemidji )
No TV? No Problem. Read this.
No recipe to bake? Try mine.

Direct message me @jackpineandthyme for more help + to watch my April Challenge journey.

Share pictures of completed challenges with #jptchallenge and tag me, @jackpineandthyme and I will do the same!

Happy April, friends!

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