Meal Planning

Jack and I have been working towards being less wasteful with our food. We were finding ourselves throwing away too much produce when we were buying more than the two of us could eat before it went bad.

We were determined to figure out how we could make a change. Meal planning seemed like the right idea.

Thanks to my lovely friends at KD Floral, they sell Rifle Paper Co. amazingness. That’s where I found this meal planning notepad! This is the notepad that worked for us but you could definitely use any planner!


What I love about this pad is that on the right side there is a tear off shopping list that you can make your grocery list of items you need to make the yummy meals on your plan!

Our meal planning how-to.

  1. Look at what is in fridge. Check what needs to be used up first. Left over produce? Fruit?
  2. What do you have in your cupboards?
  3. Once you see what you have that needs to be used up, start there. Look for recipes that will use those things up first.
  4. Build each day’s meal around what you already have.
  5. We generally only make new meals, besides salads, for dinner and then eat leftovers for lunch.
  6. We also usually factor in if someone is going to be working late, or date night where we wouldn’t need to cook a full meal.
  7. After you decide on each meal, and how many you need, start making your shopping list!
  8. This part is amazing because you will be surprised ( at least we were ) how much smaller our shopping list was if we did this in the kitchen, while actually looking in the cupboards!
  9. HUGE money saver, and waste saver for us.

Hope this works for you!

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