Staghorn Fern Mount DIY

Step 1 : Find the wood or item that you are going to mount your fern onto. I chose wood because that was the look I was going for, it is easier, and that is what staghorns are found on in nature! Attach whatever kind of hanger you want on the back of the board before starting the rest of the process! I used frame hangers.

Step 2 : Decide what you are going to cover the root ball with. This is dependent on the look you are going for. Through my research I found that some people used burlap and some used moss. We went with a form of sheet moss that actually had a mesh backing from Michael’s Craft Store that really helped keep everything together.

Step 3 : I separated a LARGE staghorn that I had and it split into four different plants. Some staghorns that you get will be much smaller in a 6″ pot and will not need to be split. Try and take some of the dirt off of the root ball so it isn’t too large and will cause the plant to stick really far off of the mounting board of your choice.

Set this aside.

Step 4: Screw around 5-6 screws in a circle about the size of the root ball on the spot on the board that you wish to have the staghorn.


Step 5: Place the root ball in the center of the screws. Pay close attention to the direction that you put it. This will determine how the staghorn hangs and the look you will get. Set the root ball down on the board and grab some thin wire. Wrap it around one screw to start, and then cross over the root ball and wrap around another wire. Continue criss-crossing over the root ball until you feel the plant is secure against the board and will not fall off.

Step 6: Cut pieces of moss to just cover the root ball. ( dirt part ) Because the moss I used had the mesh on the back, I poked the screw through on the very edge of the pieces of moss to help hold it. I then used hot glue to secure the moss the rest of the way to the board. If you have a different kind of moss, you could definitely use the wire and do a similar concept as with the dirt ball and fluff the moss to hide the wire.

Step 7: Dust off outside because some dirt will fall! Then you are ready to hang!

Staghorn mount care: take down off the wall to mist when it is watering time to prevent wall damage.



Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

We grouped three together to make it look more like an art installation!

Check out my Instagram page for more images of these beauties! @jackpineandthyme


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