Alaskan Adventure

Something must be filled.
This place inside us all that calls us there.
To the wild, the new, and the untamed.
The part of our souls that want to be free.
What is it about these trees,
that just lets us, be?
The urge to release the chains of baggage,
both good and bad.
To find a place that calls us back.
A piece to the puzzle of our soul.


The days ebb and flow,
too and fro.
We crave steady, with no sign of wind or turbulence.
But how would our hearts know calm,
or our souls peace,
if it wasn’t for the tide,
ever changing,
magic making.
Because remember my dear,
your name looks best and stands strongest,
among the wet sand.



Shirts + Jackets thanks to Anywhere Apparel

Location: Talkeetna, Alaska

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