Laundry in a Nutshell

One of my most favorite things is meeting makers and creators. Especially the ones that have me and the environment in mind.
Ever since I was little I have struggled with breaking out from laundry detergent and softeners. It wasn’t until I met Lauren, the creator and founder of Essence One, the magical seller of these nuts, that I found a laundry “detergent” that doesn’t cause a breakout.

Jack and I are both also so excited that these little guys eliminate another use of chemicals in our house!

We just fill up the sack, throw them in the wash, and they last for what we find to be around 5 loads!

Check out her website and Instagram to learn more! A few of our other Essence One favorites are the chapsticks and her bars of soap. Up next on our ‘to-try’ list is the beard oil for Jack!

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