Holiday Classes

I know, we can’t believe it is already almost that time of year again either. THE HOLIDAYS. But here’s the thing, I, I being Sam, want to help your holidays go smoothly.

That’s where holiday classes come in.

Now, I’m no expert but I dabble in a many number of hobbies as you all know. So this is what I am going to do:

This holiday season: starting NOW, you can hire me to host a how-to class for your holiday get together with friends, pals, family, whatever you like!

This is how it works:

  1. Mull over what hobby you’d like to learn from me. ( below are class options – if there is a hobby of mine that you don’t see mentioned- it doesn’t mean it isn’t out of the question, but you just have to request it! )
  2. Contact me. Let me know what you are thinking, ask questions all that jazz. LET’S SET A DATE.
  3. I’ll bring all the things to make your table look fab + the items to create with. You provide the snacks, beverages, and friends!
  4. Pricing: this all depends on how many guests you have + what class you want to take! This will all be discussed once you contact me!
  5. Why take a class? Because sometimes it’s hard to spend money on yourself and do something fun, so throw a class with your friends and family and come out the other end with a gift to give! ( giving it to yourself is also an option 😉 )
  6. I will only be able to take on a select number of parties during the holiday’s but that doesn’t mean we can’t drag it out through the new year! ( I secretly think this would be the coolest birthday party ever…. )
  7. Pictures! Yes, I will also take some rad photos of you + your guests with your creations so you can all show off your new skills!

Class Options:

  • Essential Oils DIY Gift Set
  • Wall Hanging or Weaving
  • Minimalist Wreath
  • Embroidered Tee


How to contact me:


facebook message

instagram direct message

Three cheers for a happy holiday season!



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