Squash Curry Soup

We have started our less meat more veggies journey. I haven’t written about this yet because we are still navigating our way through the whole thing. ( and getting a lot of funny looks along the way )

Our goal is to only eat wild animal – that Jackson harvests – what a weird way to explain it but you get what I mean. The rest of our life will be vegetarian. So here goes our honest effort towards getting creative in the kitchen… nearly MEAT FREE!


Recipe No.1

Squash Curry Soup:


2 medium squash – whatever kind you wish!
1 can of coconut milk – about 14 oz
3 tsp curry powder
1 lime
4 cups veggie stock
2 tbsp olive oil
1/2 an onion
1 cup shredded or chopped carrots
1 tsp chili powder
two spoonfuls of sour cream
a couple sprigs of cilantro
1 tsp salt

How To

  • cut squash in half and put open side face down on a cookie sheet covered in parchment paper. cook for about 40 minutes or until soft enough to scrape out.
  • In a soup pot or dutch oven heat olive oil
  • chop onion and carrot
  • put onion, carrot, and salt in the pot and cook until tender
  • add coconut milk, veggie broth, curry powder, and squash to the pot
  • bring to a boil- stir occasionally
  • simmer for 20 min
  • take off heat and let it cool a bit- then use a blender to blend the chunks up!
  • put back into pot and reheat
  • when ready to serve – put soup in bowl, squeeze a little lime juice on top, a couple dollops of sour cream and a few sprigs of cilantro on top!


This soup was a HIT! It was also a great way to use up some squash from our families garden.


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